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Raffle Time Again!

This year for a fundraising opportunity we are holding, not just one raffle, but three. We were very pleased with results from our last raffle fundraiser so we decided to add to it.

This first item that we have tickets available for is a quilt made by Lilah Kicker. It is beautifully made with a mix of greens, blues, and oranges. It measures 56”x 68” and is a $200.00 Value.

The second item is a camping gear bundle. The items include, a cooler, two sleeping mats, two roasting forks, a backpacking cook set, a set of two way radios, two lightweight backpacks, a packable camping shovel, a first aid kit, two lanterns, and a camping card set. This bundle is valued at $250.00.

The third item is a CVA Cascade .308 rifle. This will include three boxes of ammo.

All together a $700.00 Value

The prices for tickets are as follows:

For the quilt, the tickets are $10.00 when you buy four tickets for $40.00; you get a fifth ticket for free.

The camping bundle price is $15.00 a ticket. When you spend $50.00 you get 4 tickets.

The riffle’s tickets are $25.00 when you spend $100.00 you get a fifth ticket free.

If you have questions or are interested in buying tickets, please give us a call (406-535-4805) or email us at Drawing will be held October 17. You do not have to be present to win.

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