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Prayer Week for Lewtana

With it being two months out from the start of our camp season, we are asking you to join us this week in prayer. Each day you can lift another area of the ministry of camp up in prayer.

March 20th - the Directors and the Board members

As the leaders of the camp both of these groups are responsible for the decisions, upkeep, and running of the camps various programs.

Head directors:

Dean and Jerri Sain

Assistant director:

Nathan Keeney

Board members:

Daniel Iverson, Lee Lantzer, Amy Forsman, Todd Spear, Sean Spear, Rob Odermann

Please Pray…

That we do not waver from our purpose in being “out standing on the Word”

Discernment in decision making

Hearts willing to learn each day

Unity as they move in the directions God wants them to move

March 21st - the counseling staff

Pouring out their heart and souls all summer we would not be able to have camp without this group of individuals; interns, summer missionaries, and counselors.

Please pray….

That they would be strengthened each day in the Spirit

That they would have a passion for the Gospel

That they would remain healthy through the summer- physically, mentally, and spiritually

Willingness to grow in the Word and within personal skill sets

March 22nd for the speakers and instructors

Bringing the truth of scripture to life for the campers is a task that is not a light one to take on. So pray for our speakers as they get ready for their weeks of camp.

Please pray….

That the Lord would be teaching them

That they would be sensitive to the Spirit in preparing and delivering messages

For the Basketball and archery instructor

That they would have endurance in the gym and on the range

March 23rd - the cooks and other volunteers

This is a very important job at camp. They spend hours in the hot kitchen getting the food ready for the campers.

Please Pray

That they would have the needed stamina and positive attitude to fulfill their roles on long days in the kitchen

That there is unity in the kitchen

For work teams and project volunteers

For safety

Praise for willing hearts to give of their time and talents

March 24th - the campers

The reason we are here camp would not be camp without them!

That their hearts would be softened and ready to hear the Gospel and receive salvation

For hearts young and old to be enriched by the Gospel, and equipped and challenged by the word, leading to repentance and godly living

That they establish positive relationships with their peer group

To be plugged into a Bible believing and teaching program in the off -season

March 25th - the VBS/ day camp

Possibly some of the most high energy weeks of the camp season. The camp crew goes to different locations and facilitates a VBS program. We then come together for day camp held at Camp Lewtana.

Please pray …

For traveling mercies as we go to the different rural locations

That the details are all worked out at each VBS location

And for the kids’ excitement in attending VBS

For the communities as the Gospel is shared and that they themselves would be open to hearing it

For continued Bible teaching in each community during the school year

This year’s theme is Operation Artic:

Grace as we look at what make the Bible the Book of Books

Sensitivity to the Spirit as we teach the lessons and activities

March 26th - the overnight camps

SO much goes into a week of camp. We prep for the camp season through the off season and its always exciting when each comes.

Please Pray…

That each week the right staff is provided

That each week the Gospel is shared

That the camper and staff would be protected from injury and illness

That the Camp would be a beacon of the Gospel

Unity in the Spirit and oneness of heart in the Gospel

Joy in the Ministry of the Gospel

Logistics of each week to be worked out

Willing hearts to learn, staff and campers a like

If you want a printable version of this schedule, let us know and we will send you one.

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