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Dear Friends of Lewtana,

Following a recent meeting of the Camp Lewtana Board of Directors, I have an exciting opportunity to share with you. As we discussed our budget needs for this year’s camping season, we decided we should put the recruiting of highly-skilled, mature, and godly staff members as one of our top priorities. We recognize that counselors do much of the one-on-one work with our campers, and they are a critical part of the team that influences life changing decisions made at camp.


We came up with a plan to help prospective counselors follow their dreams of working with children while still earning funds to help them finance their continuing education.

1. We would guarantee four counselors a minimum stipend of $1500 each for a summer internship.

2. Each counselor would also raise support from their own friends and family.

3. This opportunity would be limited to young adults that have finished at least one year of college.

Of course, this plan will stretch our already tight budget, but here’s where the special opportunity comes in. A generous donor has come forward to commit $3000 toward this project on a dollar for dollar matching basis. In other words, every dollar that you donate toward this fund will be matched until we reach our necessary total of $6000. If we surpass our goal, the excess will become part of the general fund for day-to-day operations of the camp.


1. Pray for our board, co-directors Joel and Jayci Odermann and Dean and Jerri Sain, as well as assistant director Nathan Keeney. There are many decisions to be made and preparations to finish before camping season begins.

2. Donate toward our Internship Fund and receive the blessing of seeing your gift doubled through the matching program.

3. Visit our Facebook page and our website at for camp schedules, events and news.

4. Keep us in mind if you need a spot for a reunion, wedding, church retreat or other event. We are looking for ways to rent out our camp facilities more often during the off season.

5. Let the young families in your life know about Lewtana. It remains a safe place to learn and grow in Christ while having a good time with friends.

Thank you for your support, Daniel Iverson, Board Chairman

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